Dick Dastardley & Muttley LED Wall Art

£50.00 - £58.99

Dick Dastardley & Mutley LED Wall Art is created with the finest Acrylic perspex manufactured within the UK.

We take great care in making these professional artworks specific for each client. Standard size 230mm x 230mm, we able to make larger artworks on request

Each Artwork is assembled together, you can choose the background colour in either retro yellow or white. These products are individually laser cut & put together by hand with with a personalised message if you like.

Please message any personalised message you would like to put on your item.

This Iconic retro cartoon series was created by Hannah Barbera productions which aired in 1968 & these nostalgic characters were created as part of the amazing cartoon series, Whacky Races including Dastardly & Mutley in their flying machine. Both these cartoon series featured a host of amazing cartoon characters such as Penelope Pitstop, The Antil Mob, Peter Perfect & so many more.

If you would like another character designing similar to Dick Dastardley & Mutley or any of the vehicles from this great cartoon series please contact us with enquiries.