Hong Kong Phooey LED Wall Art

£28.99 - £50.00

Hong Kong Phooey LED Wall Art is created with the finest Acrylic perspex manufactured within the UK.

We take great care in making these professional artworks specific for each client. Standard size 230mm x 230mm, we able to make larger artworks on request

Each Artwork is assembled together, you can choose the background colour in either retro yellow or white. These products are individually laser cut & put together by hand with with a personalised message if you like.

Please message any personalised message you would like to put on your item.

This Iconic retro cartoon series was created by Hannah Barbera productions which aired in 1974 & was brought back as reruns from 1981-1984. This amazing nostalgic cartoon series was based around the crime fighting Karate dog who may have been inspired by Inspector Clueso from the Pink Panther films created with the famous Peter Sellers.

If you've never seen this retro Hanna Barbera cartoon series please go & watch this loveable crime fighter who bumbles his way reading the hong kong fu book of tricks & his amazing Phooeymobile which transforms from his crime fighting car to a plane, boat & even a filing cabinet.