Quadrophenia Scooter Wall Art Light

£50.00 - £59.99

Personalised Quadrophenia Lambretta Scooter Wall Artwork is created using the finest Acrylic perspex manufactured within the UK.
We take great care in making these professional artworks specific for each client. Standard size 230mm x 230mm, we are able to make larger artworks on request.

This design was created from the iconic cult film Quadrophenia which was loosely based on the band The Who's 1973 Rock Opera.

1979 Quadrophenia film was set in Brighton & the actor Phil Daniels plays a London based Mod called Jimmy Cooper, he was the lead actor with many other stars such as Sting as Ace Face, Lesley Ash, Ray Winstone, Toyah Wilcox, Timothy Small & many more famous actors. If you've not seen the film Quadrophenia it's certainly worth the watch to see subculture of the mods & rockers era.

Each Artwork is assembled together, you can choose the background colour in either retro yellow or white. These products are individually laser cut with your vehicles colours with a personalised message if you like. Please message any personalised colour you would prefer.